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Process Monitoring & Integrated managing system through HW, SW & service

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    Process Monitoring System

    Monitoring on forming force of forging machine during production, and control the machine when any quality event incurred


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    Smart Factory Solutions

    Integration of Machine, Operator, System by sensor network system based, Smart factory solution for providing optimization of production process


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    Production Managing System

    Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Point of Production (POP), Statistic Process Control (SPC), Tool Resource Management (TRM), Machine Maintenance System (CMMS), system to be command & control on production-related all process

Successful case


50% reduction in defective production after adapted to smart factory project.

“We now, became to be able to promptly take action in problems regarding machines and bolts within 10 minutes.”···

Satisfaction in production automation quality criterion with JIT(Just-in Time)

The first vendor for B automotive company also known as one of the top companies in terms of fastener industry,···

Quality and Productivity. Is it possible to catch the best of both worlds?

C company in America which is the first vendor for Toyota had the case that the head part of a nut was omitted ···


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