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Innovative Process Monitoring system creates the best profit

3View has the mission “to realize the high profits factory in forging companies.”
The world progressive group in forging companies, not only domestic companies, have adopted 3View monitoring system. 3View has suggested the best solution for quality improvement, high productivity and cost reduction and has brought high profits to the customers. You’ve only to tell 3View what is your troubles are.
3view, the three for Quality, Productivity and Cost for Forming industry.
With our accumulated experiences in this field, 3View will serve you with prompt and efficient action to your problems.
We hope you be happy by the most optimized solution of 3View.
3View will make an effort to design your progressive future together with new technology development.

 Thank you.

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To be the best company having global brand
in the process monitoring system

MachineView creates ProcessView Market,
ProcessView brngs MachineView needs.

Innovation of management

Certification ISO9001, 14001
Technology innovated S/M enterprises
CE certification
Performance review by BSC


Intensive development of main model
Technology development for user convenience
Education for staff ability extension

Building of growth engine

Advanced technology development
Human resource development

Head quarter in Korea

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China Corporate

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