Process Monitoring System

It’s inefficiency to inspect products after production.
3View realizes real-time quality management at the same time of production by monitoring forming force.


For prevention quality cost effect !


Up to 8 stages monitoring function and MES / POP / SPC / TRM are available
The most advanced error proof system

– Customized detection method for multi-stage cold / hot forging, interval, heading, rolling, press, etc.
– Tool life management, partial breakage / tool abrasion detection
– Bad detection history / maintenance function / SPC measurement to support field inspection
– Production management in office connected with T-MES, SPOP
   (Terminal for work instructions, quality history, performance management …)

Display : 12.1″ Touch I/F (800iB) / 15″ Touch I/F (800iX) 
Size : 300x258x65(800iB) / 380x302x65(800iX)
External Interface : USB-5ports RS232-2ports LAN-1port 
ETC : Embedded Recovery function or with external device



Economical & high-functional Process Monitoring System

– Monitoring specialized for Cold/Hot forming machine (Max.5 ch)
– Error detecting history, tool management (optional), SPC as additional
– Monitoring section segmentated for more precise quality detecting
– Expandability to MES, POP terminal 

Display : 10.4″ Touch I/F
Size : 312x236x50mm
External Interface : USB-2ports RS232-1port
ETC : Automatic Teaching Function, Encoder I/F, Auto Cooling FAN