Production Management System

The most optimized program in the automotive parts industry
Our system has been developed based on various experiences over years and provided to over 100 companies in the inside and outside of the country.

Reinforcement in competitive edge through standardized work procedure
Collecting and analyzing valuable information in real time and constructing the optimized work process through subsystem interlocking.

Improvement and development on stability of the system
We can guarantee stable operation and improvement of system through establishment of IT management strategy and improvement activities at every level.


Manufacturing System
production process
supporting process

Through the organizational management of the manufacturing field(INPUT-PROCESS-OUTPUT),waste elimination of the process and leading to planned production.


Real time transmission of production status from MV or PLC
Production status tracking of the PLC non contact machine by PVT terminal
Quick and accurate information sharing between server and MV or PVT by two way communication

Quick and accurate decision and managing quality improvement by upgraded and speed up data quality


Real-time measurement & instant transmission of the results
Enterprise quality level sharing
Statistical process control
Test history
Standard document management

Quality cost reduction through Statistical Quality Control
Preventive quality management
Newest standard document management


Powerful function of MV tool management
Tool Input-Output management
Tool No. and Stock management
Tool life management

Systematic management of Machine and Tool
Cost reduction and improvement of Quality and Productivity


Maintenance of machine management, standardization, historical data of daily inspection, regular inspection to be systematic
Management of equipment parts input/output, Malfunction problem, cause and measure history management

Systematic management of machine and tooling
Cost reduction and quality / productivity improvement



Kiosk Type Multi POP Terminal
Economical system terminal to multiple machines.

– Collection on operation status and production quantity on the multiple machines by sensor network interface.
– Counting function for the other machines besides forming machines.
– Ergonomic design for the operator.
– Support for vibration and oil-mist.
– Support for various devices interface (option)

Display : 17″ Touch screen LCD monitor
CPU : Industrial PC motherboard
Dimension : 560x480x1500mm
ECT : Mini Keyboard and mouse


Smart Point Of Production
Smart Factory? Smart POP!
The most optimized POP system for fastener & automotive industry which
Real-time data transfer, control by Process Monitoring System&POP

Forming force Managing / Production Managing / Quality Managing / Tool Managing / Machine Managing
Real-time forming force information